9 Mai 2017

DAVID ZEHNDER, *12.12.1978


My favorite media is photography and video. I‘m interested in the small line between documentary and art. Photographing and filmimg is for me an act of collecting – archiving the world. For me there is not a big difference between aproparating videos and photography of strangers or taking them by myself- the computer then becomes my camera. Above all I researching in my work sociological topics. Collecting is for me an intuitive and associative process, the pictures find me. In addition to the selection and compilation of photos and videos, the search for the appropriate representation of the image collections, for example in book form, a focus of my work, so I give the huge flood of images my own order – a try me and the world better to be understood „


2016 „Light Blue Memories Under Product Performances“,  FAQ Galerie, Basel
2015 „I am Photograph“, Lokal Int, Biel
2011 „Indices“, Galerie Casa del Arte, Zürich

2018 “18+-“, Museum of Moscow, curated by Anna Fatyanova, Moscow
2018 “Repeat”, Stadtgalerie Bern
2018 “Forum Wallis”, Leuk 2018 “Photo Video Leuk”, Leuk, Wallis
2018 “My Gun/My Safety”, Rotterdam Photo Festival, Rotterdam
2017 “Voyage, Voyage!” Kunstmuseum Olten
2016 “Canotnale Bern, Jura”, Kunsthaus Langenthal
2016 “Canotnale Bern, Jura”, Centre Pasquart, Bienne
2016 „Valais to Lefkada“, Lefkas Cultural Center, Greece
2016  Liste Total, during ArtBasel, Warteck Basel
2016 Photo Expo, Schloss Leuk
2015 „FROM THE INTANGIBLE TO THE TANGIBLE“, Volumes , Kunstraum Wachtelturm, Zürich
2015 „Estetica Del Gusto,“ CE Contemporary , curated by Viana Conti, Milano
2015 „Existential Tourism“, Nomadic Center of Art, Zürich
2014 Triennale Wallis, Schloss Leuk, Valais
2014 „Scafo“, San Stefano al Mare (IT)
2014  Artstadt Bern, Satellit, Lorraine, Bern
2014 Kulturpunkt Bern  „Carte Blanche“, Bern
2014 10 Jahre Progr, Owl observing the Police station, Bern
2014  Cantonale Bern Jura, Kunsthaus Langenthal
2013 „Schaffensbeiträge“ , Galerie zur Schützenlaube, Visp
2013  „Jungkunst“, Sulzer Halle Winterthur
2013 „Auf der Strecke“ , Stadtgalerie Bern
2013  Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten“ , Helmhaus Zürich
2013  „Progr In-House“ , Galerie Bernard Bischoff und Partner, Bern
2013 „ Selection 2012“, Photoforum Biel
2013 „Bodybuildingdotcom“, Museo de la Resistencia, Santiago
2012 „12 noon“, Centre Pasquart Biel
2012 „Different Bodybuilders “, Waschküche, Bern
2012 „Inside outside“, Progr, Bern, curated by band à part
2012  „100% Happy“ Monat der Fotografie, Wien
2011 „Jahresausstellung“, Ziegelacker Bern
2011  „Bernbezug“, Milieu Bern
2011 100% Happy, Eisbergkino, Projektion, Berlin
2011 „Monat der Fotografie“,  Wien
2011 „INDICES“, Substitut, Berlin
2011 „DIASPORAS“, BFM, Bern
2009  „Exposition de l’École de Vevey“ ; Ambassade de Suisse à Paris
2009 “Béton en scène“, house for architecture in Paris
2007 „100 Happy“, Forum Wallis, Schloss Leuk
2007 „Dia Barani“  Photographers for Africa
2006 “Vrai/ment“ ,‘Quai1’ in Vevey
2006„Vevey-Arsenic“, des images pour un théâtre , Lausanne
2006„Relations“, 23rd June 2006 in the café ‘Le Ve’ in Vevey

Sammlung Kunststiftung Spital Brig
Sammlung Ketterer-Ertle (Erfan’s Notebook)
Private Sammlungen


Förderstipendium ArtPro, Kanton Wallis, 2018
Artist Residency in BANSKÁ STANICA, Slowakei, 2015
Atelierstipendium PROGR, Stadt Bern, 2014
Schaffensbeitrag für junge Kunst Kt. Wallis, 2013
Atelierstipendium, Berlin (Kanton Wallis), 2011

• Estetica Del Gusto, exhibition catalogue, Milano 2015
• All you can eat, Blurb edition 2014
• Indices, Blurb edition, 2012
•  Salon XV, exhibition catalog, 2011, Wien
• „100% Happy“, Trézélan : Filigranes Editions, 2007, Paris
• „Béton on en Scène“, Trézélan : Filigranes Editions, 2007, Paris